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Big Day or Beach Getaway, Wax Your Way To Smooth Perfection

Fast But Not Furious

We don’t all have the luxury of time to go for a laser hair treatment, our waxing service is swift and simple.

Be Fearless and Hairless

Our waxing treatment gives you the power to be carefree and confident in your own body

Whole Body Benefits

We can apply our wax to any area of your body where you want to get shot and eliminate unwanted hair quickly and effectively

If laser hair removal treatment is a step too far or you just don’t have the time, waxing is the next best thing and it works! Get your smooth skin and confidence back for your big event or holiday, we’re waiting to make the magic happen.

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Get away from the world, enter our private treatment rooms for your bikini wax to make you beach-body-ready.
If you need a full body wax, we can take care of that for you too. Whether it’s a Brazilian you want or an eyebrow wax, our experienced specialists are on hand to make it happen. We believe in the mantra of ‘fast but not furious’ because in this day and age, waxing should not be a scarily painful thing to do.
The Bronzed Age is at the forefront of the waxing world as we use the highest quality wax, heated to the perfect temperature and followed by our special soothing ointment to add some ‘feel good’ factor.

What Are You Waiting For?

As soon as you leave the spa as a new fearless and hairless woman, you’ll wonder why you ever hesitated in the first place.
Feel smooth, sexy and ready to take on everything and everyone that comes your way.
Remember to book your appointments in advance to avoid disappointment!



  • Is it safe to get a bikini wax if I’m pregnant?

    Consult your doctor first.

  • Do you offer male waxing?

    Of course we do.  Male grooming is no longer the taboo subject it used to be. Men are just as entitled to a little bit of preening as we girls are.

  • Can I go tanning before or after a wax?

    It’s best not to. Your skin will be too sensitive. Remember, waxing is an exfoliation. 
However, airbrush tanning after a wax is ok.

  • Will my hair grow back thicker and darker?

    No, quite the opposite. Hair will become thinner and finer the more you wax the less will grow.

  • How often should I get it done?

    This varies from client to client. After the first few waxes, it is generally a 4 week wax routine that people will adopt. However, some clients can push to 6-8 weeks between waxes.

  • ​What is the difference between bikini waxes?

    A Hollywood removes all the hair from the pubic area front and back. A Brazilian removes almost all hair from the pubic area front and back but leaves either a landing strip or a small triangle.

  • What credit / debit cards do you accept?

    We accept all major Credit & Debit cards including Visa, Mastercard & American Express.

  • What happen’s if i’m late for an appointment?

    We ask that you arrive promptly for your appointment. 

    Should you arrive late, we will do our best to keep your arranged appointments, however we may have to shorten or change the appointment to ensure the stylists other guests for the day aren’t affected.

  • What’s your cancellation policy?

    We politely request that all guests let us know if they can’t make an appointment as soon as possible.

    We need a minimum of 24 hours notice for cancellations, as we can fill that appointment space with a guest on our waiting list.

Other Treatments


We adhere to current UK and European law mandating that all sunbeds contain 0.3 tubes. This allows for a safe output of ultraviolet rays

Laser Hair Removal

Our high standard Nd:YAG laser uses advanced technology which allows us to treat all skin types comfortably


We adhere to current UK and European law mandating that all sunbeds contain 0.3 tubes

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